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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 7, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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x live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> our journey has been long. we have picked ourselves up. we have fought our way back. and we know in our hearts that the best is yet to come. >> celebration time for president obama. his campaign has won reelection and he is pledging to work with leaders in both parties to improve america. it is wednesday, november 7. i n steve chenevey.
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>> i and cynné simpson. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> we are watching the storm that had sped up and is becoming stronger than initially expected. cloud cover and wet weather are off to our east. this will stay relatively light for the metro area. temperature is a very cold. 41 at reg and national. cold enough we will definitely have light snow. the biggest impact of the light snow will be to our north and east. 42 and blustery at noon. by 5:00, possibly some snow. the western counties are getting off easy on this one. maybe an inch of snow. details coming up. first, let's check on traffic this morning. >> good morning. glad to see we are, around the
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area. no major incidents in the district virginia, or maryland. on the beltway, looking at construction crews -- often the distance past 193 toward new hampshire avenue -- and overnight project. light volume. same story with the outer loop. on a 95, george washington parkway, not seeing any delays. virginia beltway -- roadwork does continue, to be cleared by 5:00 a.m. >> voters let their voices be heard and decided to keep president obama in office for four more years. >> he surpassed mitt romney went came during the 270 lector all votes needed. our coverage begins -- electoral votes needed. our coverage begins in chicago.
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>> e eventually last night they got the celebration they wanted here at obama headquarters in chicago. thousands of volunteers and supporters cheered the president on. it was a grass-roots effort to get out the vote. into monday evening -- they waited. the president thanked them for that effort, saying it was their enthusiasm that brought him to the top. >> whether you voted for the very first time or waited in line for a very long time by the way, we have to fix that. [laughter]
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whether you pounded the pavement or picked up the fund -- [applause] whether you held and obama signed or romney sign, you make your voice heard. >> the key swing states -- getting the numbers back. he expected them all along but never took them for granted. this was a victory for his people -- he said he will try to honor those who voted for him and those who did not. there is still a lot of work to be done for the country. scott thuman, "good morning washington." >> that is what happened in chicago. here is what happened overnight in the nation's capital. as news spread -- thousands of supporters gathered and cheered. people also gathered along u street.
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>> it was intended to be a night of celebration that turned into a concession for republican nominee mitt romney. >> i.s.o. wish i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction, but the leader chose a different leader. so i join with you to earnestly pray for him and this great nation. >> he spoke to supporters shortly after calling president obama to congratulate him on his reelection. it was a much closer race than the one four years ago. the u.s. senate race in virginia -- two former governors were battling for the seat. >> the victory went to tim kaine, more from the party in richmond. >> tim kaine's campaign headquarters in richmond -- he wound up in the winner's circle.
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>> our victory tonight proves that it is the number of people who stand with you not the number of zeroes behind a check. [applause] that determines the election in the united states of america. >> the newly elected senator tim kaine thanks george allen for more than 20 years of public service and then told an enthusiastic crowd that as hard as the campaign was, now the real work begins. >> as expected, maryland senator ben cardin easily won a second term. he beat back challengers from republican and independent candidates. roscoe bartlett, not so lucky. john delaney beat him in a bid for a 11th term. the democrat-controlled legislature made him one of the more vulnerable incumbents by
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adding part of montgomery county to his district. >> fireworks over the national harbour on news they had approved a controversial measures including expanding gambling. >> that includes a new casino said to be built at the harbor. more from baltimore. >> the election gathering here at the stadium in baltimore ended early tonight and ended happily with the announcements one by one that each member of the delegation, the democratic delegation to congress, had been reelected. they were thrilled to add a new member -- john delaney, who beat roscoe bartlett in the newly configured sixth congressional district that encompasses western maryland and northern montgomery county. the biggest cheers were reserved for those moments when it was announced that barack obama had
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been reelected. see what some of the people had to say. >> i am ecstatic. i am so glad that we now americans have an opportunity to continue to grow instead of going backward. >> i am so happy. i am happier now than i was four years ago because this gives him validation. i woke up this morning -- and knew we were going to do it. it is even more meaningful than the last time. >> just about everybody said they were also satisfied and pleased with the way the voting was going for the big three questions before voters in the state of maryland. the dream act, which would provide in-state tuition to maryland universities for children of undocumented immigrants. also, the same sex question measure, the civil marriage protection act which has been projected to be approved by maryland voters. and question 7, the casino,
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which looks like it will be built in prince george's county. brad bell, abc 7 news. >> it is now going to be tougher for virginia to take private property through eminent domain. they approved an amendment insuring private property is only taken for public use and not given to another private landowners such as a developer. it could cost state and local government tens of millions of dollars and that a previous law was sufficient, opponents said. >> at several precincts -- along the lines. you probably had to stand in one yourself. here was one in dumfries at 9:00 tuesday night. voters before the cutoff time were allowed to cast ballots. >> 38 degrees this morning. >> the result of other
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congressional races in virginia -- coverage continues.
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lex welcome back to. a number of overnight fires in the area. >> i want to go to jummy olabanji with the details. >> one of the fire is happening just across the street from our studios. we can take you to that video the fire happening at 1100 wilson boulevard. the flames on top of the parking bharrat. we do know from arlington police that there were no reports of any injuries that happened. no word yet on what might have started this fire. also following in other developing fire coming from the district. -- prince george's county, rather. this is in fairmont, a three- story house on fire. two victims were transported on are expected to be ok. a crew is coming back, and we
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hope to get the more video and a couple of minutes. >> thanks. storm watch now. baltimore gas and electric is carefully monitoring the approaching storm and its potential effect -- the effect on central maryland. they're preparing for heavy rain and even some snow. it could hit maryland as early as today and last through tomorrow. hundreds of nursing-home residents in nyc neighborhood are being evacuated and head of that storm. it is not expected to be nearly as bad as hurricane sandy, but they are worried about first responder is stretched too thin. >> airlines are canceling hundreds of flights all -- out of new york city airports. >> a virginia task forces back from new jersey after helping with recovery. >> the team conducted a search and rescue operations in new jersey. we spoke to residents the first several days after the storm. >> we brought our boats and
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continued to assist. they had another assignment. we continued that operation late into the night removing people. >> maryland task force one is also home. they focused on efforts in new york. they partnered with national guard to get out and help storm victims. >> let's check in to find out more details about what is ahead. >> moisture out there -- south and east of the metro area. everything is just rain at this moment, but we will likely see a little mixing coming in. let's turn to live super doppler -- you see that on the eastern shore. also frederiksberg, light rain coming down at this time. for the most part, you will see light showers in the metro area. winter weather advisories for
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northeast maryland including baltimore. they could potentially get one-3 inches of wet snow. the ground temperature is warm. a lot of that will noncontact. -- melt on contact. philadelphia could get three to 5 inches of snow. it will be blustery and cold today. 41 add oregano national. -- 41 at reagan national. 38 to 43 degrees. a great looking forecast, more on that in a little bit. >> a look around the region for the traffic -- light volume. no major incidents to tell you about in the region. 270, if you are hitting the road early, good in each direction. some road work between college park and silver spring between
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university boulevard and new hampshire ave. construction in place now should be wrapped up by 5:00. no delays at this early hour. maryland commuter is tending towards nih -- work on the right side but nice and quiet. in virginia, -back-teo. >> sounds good. --
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>> the soldier recused of giving documents to the wikileaks web site will be in court today. he faces more than 20 charges including aiding the enemy and leaking documents. he is scheduled to go on trial
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in february. >> news around the nation -- more testimony today for a soldier accused of murdering civilians. >> he is accused of killing 16 people in afghanistan. he failed to testify why he was covered in blood. he told the medics' "if i tell you, you'll have to testify against the." but what led to a dead the workplace shooting in fresno. >> employee shot and killed two co-workers execution-style and then wounded two others and shot himself. lawrence jones targeted his victims. he had an extensive criminal history that included robbery and burglary. >> investigators believe a deadly fire in a drama north carolina occur during edie fibrillation. that is the -- that is used to
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deliver a electroshock to the heart. it killed a patient and slightly injured three others. the fire was contained to one room.
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>> welcome back to. >> let's get a check on your
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commute out there. >> not too much to talk about -- some construction set up, and not causing delays at this early hour. the 14th street bridges nice and easy. no problems on 395. we are looking good. no problems around the tyson's area. between 193 and new hampshire avenue -- a couple cars through that stretch. new carrollton if you are coming from college park, they have wrapped up overnight construction but it is hard because the lanes shift without too much warning. it is a little confusing. a look of the forecast -- let's check in with jacqui.
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>> i will take it from here -- just bedside the national monument, beautiful. however, the wind is picking up and weather will fall apart throughout the day. 40 degrees out there but many in the 30's across our region. i want to look at the flags -- normally this time of the day they would be lynn then slumped over but look how they are starting to whip. the wind is picking up and the coastal storm, off the tidewater coast line, is intensifying. we will notice wind picking up throughout the day at the north. it will be gusty, a very blustery day. you can see from this beautiful american flags that the wind is picking up. a wind chill factor in our area. 40 degrees at the mall. 43 in annapolis. 33 in hagerstown. here is your forecast for the
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day -- cloudy and dissipations -- cloudy conditions, it will be cool. temperatures around 40 degrees. they will not move that much from where they are currently. some areas of light rain, even down in southern maryland. light rain developing throughout the day. for the drive home, expecting mainly snow across our region. but it will be lights now. just a one out of 10. road temperatures are near 40 degrees, not expecting to accumulate on the road except closer to baltimore. that is where the snow will be heavier and it will dynamically cool the ground and allow accumulations' on the road closer to baltimore. one to 2 inches, maybe three on some spots on the services. washington area, just some glorified rain. minor accumulations.
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roads for the most part should just be wet. that is the latest on the mall. back to you inside. >> thank you. >> we will continue to bring you election results from several races.
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